Python For Beginners Free Course

PYTHON FOR BEGINNERS Python for beginners by Technical Prashant powered by Ultimate Tech is for students of class 11 of CBSE and for the begginers who want’s to learn python even they didn’t know any computer language . Technical Prashant have released Python series on our youtube channel Ultimate Tech which consist of many parts which makes … Read more Python For Beginners Free Course

#1 How to install Python?

PYTHON INSTALLATION PART 1 Hello guys if you want to install python then follow these steps or you can see our Python series part 1 video. Where Technical Prashant had explained how to install python? You can easily understand by seeing below video and if you want to learn python then you can follow his … Read more #1 How to install Python?

#2 Python Basics (Fundamental) (Part2)

PYTHON BASICS IS SECOND LECTURE OF PYTHON COURSE Python Introduction • In order to provide an input, process it and to receive output, we need to write a program.• Program, is a group of instructions which controls processing.• In other words, base for processing is ‘the Program’.• In this chapter we will come to know … Read more #2 Python Basics (Fundamental) (Part2)