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Best Hosting Provider in India {Get Hosting in Less Than Rs. 1}

Cheapest hosting offer
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​best and cheapest Hosting provider In India

​Are you new in the field of blogging? Looking for the best and cheapest hosting provider?

Then you have landed on the internet best page.

Here in this post, I will tell you about some top web hosting providers which are absolutely budget friendly and provides
premium features at the lowest price.

If you are new to blogging then you should definitely go with one the web hosting and if you are old to blogging but looking for best and cheapest hosting then you can also go with one these below web hosting.

At the Glance

​Before getting the knowledge of best and cheapest hosting providers, you should know about the top 3 best and powerful hosting providers.

Let me share you  the top 3 best and powerful hosting providers.


NinzaHost is the best hosting provider and it is the first choice for newbie bloggers which comes with premium features and best customer support.
I loved this hosting personally because it's hosting plans are affordable and it's best plan start's with lowest price.

I recommend all bloggers that they should use this hosting even this site is also hosted on NinzaHost.
Most of the pro bloggers also recommend this hosting provider for newbie bloggers.



If your budget is little higher then you can go with A2hosting and it's servers are really fast and secure too.
This hosting will help you to make your site ultra fast with its 20X turbo boosters.
A2Hosting are offering a huge 66% discount.
Go and grab it!



Bluehost is the best hosting and the most popular choice for most of the bloggers. WordPress itself recommend Bluehost hosting.

If you are a newbie and your budget is higher and if you can afford expensive hosting then bluehost is the best hosting for you.

​Top 10 Cheap and Best Web Hosting Provider in India

​S. NO.

​Web Hosting





​ 99% OFF



​70% OFF



​80% OFF     



​50% OFF



​66% OFF   



​60% OFF



​50% OFF 



​60% OFF   



​80% OFF



​73% OFF

​1. NameCheap – 99% OFF  (Starting with less then 1 rupee)

namecheap hosting
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​If you are a newbie and want to start blog with very little investment in hosting then you can go for Namecheap hosting.

Then Namecheap is the best hosting provider in India for you. Here you can start your blog with with the lowest price on the internet as Rs. 0.75/month.
This is the lowest price that you can get on Namecheap.
This is the cheapest hosting in the whole world and you can't get this like offer over any hosting provider.

​NameCheap Hosting Offers:

namechaep hosting offer
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Currently, their a massive discount going on NinzaHost due to covid-19 virus. Here you can save 99% of your money. 
As you can see in the above image all the plans are currently running on a 99% OFF.

Benefits Of NameCheap Hosting

  • Free CDN
  • SSD Storage
  • 99 % Discount
  • Automatic Backup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24*7 Easy Customer Support

​So, I think this is the golden opportunity for a newbie blogger. This offer is not available on the whole internet except NameCheap.

So, don't miss the golden opportunity to start a blog.

​2. Hostinger – 70% OFF

Hostinger hosting
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​If you are looking for best hosting in normal budget then Hostinger is the best among other hosting.

Before buy buying let's know about Hostinger’s server. Servers of hostinger are present in US, Asia, and Europe. All of these servers are connected to high speed connection lines of 1000 Mbps due to which their performance is very good. It's hosting is 99.9% uptime. You will get all the below given features from their basic plan and this basic plan costs Rs.59  

​Benefits of Hostinger cheapest plan

  • ​​One website  
  • ​10 Gb SSD storage
  • ​Cpanel
  • ​Bandwidth of 100 Gb
  • ​Weekly backups
  • ​Free SSL Certificate
  • ​24 X 7 easy support via chat and ticket

Hostinger Hosting Offers:

hostinger hosting plans
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​​3. NinzaHost - Starting with Rs. 30/month    

nizahost hosting
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​If you are in the search of great hosting which is price wise cheap and best known for it's features.
Then NinzaHost is very powerful web hosting. This hosting is most popular between bloggers for it's performance and availability at cheap price.

​So, It comes with many hosting plans but if you want their cheapest hosting plan then it is "Mini Shared Hosting" Plan in which you get 

​Mini Shared Hosting

  • ​​1 website to host
  • ​1 sub domain
  • ​Free SSL Certificate
  • ​10Gb Bandwith
  • 24*7 Easy Customer Support

NinzaHost Hosting Offers:

mini shared web hosting
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ninzahost hosting package
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​4. MewNix – Flat 50% OFF With Free .com Domain

​Mewnix is an India's Hosting Company which was established few years ago. It's primary aim to grab more customers so for this, they have provided
hosting at the lowest price.

This is the time where you can get benefit out of their offers. The company is new, and for acquiring customer they are giving huge  offers on their hosting plan.

Even they provide free .com domain in their combo hosting pack. The best thing I liked about mewnix is they are literally providing 24*7 customer support on call which other web hosting providers doesn't.

No matters you are calling in day or night, rain or shine. They are always there to help you 24*7. Even they will assist you in solving the technical issues of your site.

Plans of mewnix hosting start from 49 Rs./Month. This is one of the cheap and best hosting providers in India.

As I said earlier, to acquire more customers they are providing premium hosting as low as 49 INR/Month. So if you are low with your budget grab it as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Mewnix Hosting 

  • ​Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ​unlimited Sub domain
  • ​Free SSL Certificates
  • ​Free and Easy Site Migration
  • ​Free .com Domain for 1 Year with Combo Pack

​5. BlueHost – 60% OFF​

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​Bluehost is the sister company of Hostgator. This means, the Hostgator is also best web hosting company same as Bluehost because bluehost is best for higher budget bloggers and it is known for his best hosting service.

The best thing is that blue host provides discount and sale offers time to time.
If you want to buy the bluehost hosting then you should check out their upcoming sales so you can get better discount.

This hosting provider is ​recommended by WordPress officially on its website.

The best thing about bluehost that makes it popular is that- More than 20 Million websites are hosted on bluehost ,
These are the reason that Bluehost is popular among other hosting providers.

​6. MilesWeb – UPTO 80% OFF

​MilesWeb was established in 2012. This web hosting company has won award for his hosting service due to it's performance and this web hosting company grown due to it's affordable price and customer support.

​The primary aim of this web hosting company is to help businessmen to take their business online. It's customer support team is available around the world so that they can provide customer support 24/7 via live chat to solve your queries.

​If you purchase their hosting service then you will experience that you’re in safe hands.

Some of the benefits of MilesWeb

  • ​Free Domain
  • ​SSD Storage
  • ​SSL Certificate
  • ​Email Accounts
  • ​Website Builder
  • ​One Click Installer
  • ​Unlimted Bandwidth
  • ​Latest PHP Version
  • ​Free Malware Scan and Removal

​7. HostGator – 50% OFF

hostgator logo
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​Hostgator is the sister company of BlueHost which means you can trust more on this web hosting provider because it is more reliable.

This web hosting service is world famous for it's great hosting and customer support.

If you are a newbie blogger (beginner) and want a budget hosting then you can go for HostGator’s shared hosting plans.

Hostgator offers many types of web hosting plans. So I think that you shold once check out hostgator's plan, may be one of them fits for you.

Benefits Of ​Hostgator Hosting 

  • ​Unlimited Disk Space
  • ​Unlimited Transfer
  • ​Live chat support
  • ​Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Data Space

​8. Reseller Club – UPTO 60% OFF

resellerclub hosting
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​ResellerClub Probably the only web hosting brand in India that is competing with some renowned global brands. Established in Mumbai in the year 1998.

This brand has come a long way by providing a plethora of hosting products to a wide range of customers, basing their services on the principles of speed, scale, support, and security.

Their dedicated team of developers, account managers, and sales executives are quick enough to recognize your hosting requirements so that you get your website up in no time.

Today, as one of the leading providers of various hosting products and services, ResellerClub is known not only for its managed hosting services but also as a domain and hosting reselling provider.

Benefits Of ​​ResellerClub Hosting

  • ​Free Cpanel
  • ​Unlimited Disk Space
  • ​Unlimited Data Transfer
  • ​Free SSL Certificate
  • ​One Click WordPress Install
  • Unlimited Data Space
  • ​Unlimited Email Account

Reseller Club Hosting Offers:

reseller club hosting plan
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​9. A2 Hosting– Flat 66% OFF

​If you arein search of powerful hosting then A2 hosting is powerful Web hosting. This hosting is considered to be very popular for the loading time and high performance.

If you take a startup plan of a2hosting, you will get a website, 5 databases, unlimited storage, C panel in it. And if you need more than that, then you can buy expensive plans for it. In which you will find unlimited sites, database storage, and free SSL and SSD.

You can run your website 20 times faster by using its most expensive package. With this package, you also get site accelerator and speed boosting.

This is a great web hosting and we recommend it.

​Its hosting package starts at Rs 226.22 

Benefits Of ​​A2 Hosting 

  • ​99.9% Uptime 
  • ​Unlimited SSD Storage
  • ​Unlimited Data Transfer
  • ​Free SSL Certificates
  • ​Unlimited Email Accounts
  • ​Free Automatic Migration
  • ​Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • ​24*7 Customer Support Via chat, ticket & call.

​10. GoDaddy – Upto 73% OFF

​Godaddy is best domain registrar and it also provides hosting at low price.
But I don’t suggest Godaddy because there customer support is not so good thy reply typically in 2-5 days for any querry.


​Above are the best and cheap hosting providers in India. Choose according to your budget, need of your website and benefits of hosting providers.

If you have still some doubts then please drop a comment down if you want any suggestion regarding web hosting according to your website requirements and I will try my best to answer them.

I honestly recommend NinzaHost, BlueHost and A2hosting Hosting in terms of benefits and customer support.

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